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Welcome to Shanghai Yingyuan Household Necessaries Co.,Ltd.
All of our eco-friendly and fully biodegradable cellulose sponges are produced in our Shanghai factory and shipped directly from here to any destination in the world. Our top quality products and high service standards are an integral part of our business . Our highly trained staff, well equipped factory and adaptability to new designs and processes, are key in meeting our customers' requirements.
The unique properties of cellulose sponge make it a highly versatile product and allow for applications in the fields of general cleaning, printing, cosmetic, medical, promotional, as well as many other sectors. Most of our products can be supplied moist or compressed- we are one of only a small number of manufacturers worldwide that have the capability of compressing cellulose sponge.
Compressed sponges, often referred to as 'pop-up sponges' or 'magic sponges,' have exactly the same properties as a standard moist sponge once wetted out. In their compressed state, however, they are truly unique. We compress our sponges to about one tenth of their original size, such as a 20mm thick sponge will be compressed to about 2mm in thickness. It is at this stage that the sponge offers unique features. The obvious one is the much reduced storage space required compared to a conventional sponge.
The other and often underrated feature is the possibility to use a cellulose sponge as an advertising medium, as an eco-friendly promotional product. Once compressed, the smooth surface of the sponge is ideal for printing on. Your company logo, images or other advertising messages can be easily applied. We offer both single colour screen printing and full colour transfer printing.
A number of packaging solutions for the finished products are also available. We offer bulk packing, single and multi-unit bags, as well as flow wrapping with or without inserts. We understand that every customer has different needs, and if our current product range does not exactly meet your requirements, we look forward to hearing from you to jointly seek solutions.

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